Targeted AirDrops on EOS.

Promote your app and distribute your tokens to investors who have opted-in to support your project. Goodbye, spray-and-pray. Hello, Parachute.





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Ignition: Let’s start something.

Parachute is the Airdrop service on the Ignition platform. We’re making airdrops more meaningful. Ignition is the APP store for EOS. Ignition is a broad platform that supports the development, design and distribution of EOS applications. If you are a developer who wants to be considered for early involvement, click the button below to get in touch.

Turn the key on your idea

An EOS Dublin Project

Better Token Distribution

Parachute is a platform where an EOS token holder can receive their airdrop tokens. The user is able to view the app airdropping the token and decide whether to claim the tokens. Users will then share their details with the app company, or to refuse them and claim the corresponding value in Parachute Tokens for future purchases.

Airdropsforeos is merging with Parachute

We are delighted to announce that airdropsforeos is merging with Parachute.

Combining our efforts ensures that from Day 1 Parachute will offer dAPPs with translation and localisation services to make their targeted airdrops more effective.

Our vision is for Parachute to be the launchpad for dAPPs to scale globally on EOS.